HACSI: Harbour Authority of Cape Sable Island
Advertising Costs and Requirements
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The Island Catch is a free newsletter produced bi-monthly (six issues per year), containing articles, editorials and ads relevant to the fishing industry and communities of Cape Sable Island of Nova Scotia. The HACSI website will monthly profile a member of the Harbour Authority of Cape Sable Island, highlighting their contribution to the local economy and community.

Delivery:  To the members of the Harbour Authority of Cape Sable Island, local highschools, libraries, local government, fishing organizations 

Newsletter and Ads

Technical Requirements

Articles (text only)

Word,  .jpeg,   .zip - 750 word maximum unless arrangements are made with Harbour Manager.


.jpeg,  .gif,   .jpg,   .zip (files will be expanded upon uploading and may require modifications)



  • Black and white photos/text for the newsletter.
  • Colour will be acceptable for the website.
  • Preferably submit via email; CD will be accepted.

The copy and design of all advertising and articles must be acceptable to the Harbour Authority of Cape Sable Island which reserves the right to refuse or postpone, without penalty, any publication or advertisement.

On-Line Costs

# of Issues

Cost Per Issue







Print Costs Per Issue in The Island Catch




Full Page

10 x 7.5


1/2 Page

5 x 7.5


1/4 Page

5 x 3.75


Business Card

2 x 3.5